Thank you for the insights and enlightenment Chris. I need to admit that I may have fell into one of the categories you talked about in your writing. With doubts of what's true from the information I get,what's real and real for whom, what's the purpose behind it, I have shut down myself from the major media for the last 5 years without caring of what's happening. I feel the world is changing and something isn't right about the environment, the politics, the wars, the nature, the way we treat animals and earth, but I felt powerless and helpless at the same time. I didn't know what I can do as an individual. As I just recently started getting to know/practicing Kundalini yoga and meditation, and actively started searching for spiritual guidance, I feel truly blessed to find this group and being part of it. In the process of connecting to my soul, I feel one thing through reading this article, that is, what I CAN do right now is to keep working on connecting to my soul and being my authentic self at every moment, and as it happens, I'd have clarity of what I can serve to help realign nature and earth to what it's suppose to be. I feel that when the light is shined on more of us, as more human beings start working on connecting to our souls(as how the nature and earth should be as well), we will be more conscious on our influence and impact to where we are living and what we can do to realign it.