Hi everyone, thousands of people have benefitted from the original version of the "removing entities meditation". Since then, we've been pioneering ground breaking new work to greatly increase the effectivity by locating and removing the anchoring implants too. We're employing, for example, the "Toroidal Field" to activate and relocate what is released, employing the angelic realm to support that realignment.

This new version of the meditation, released today, incorporates the pioneering new work. I believe it is utterly essential to address this phenomenon on the spiritual path. It's one that has been limiting humanity for thousands of years. Now we have the tools and capacity to break free!

Here are the specifics of what the meditation comprises:

  1. Initial Breakthrough breathing and expanding through the dimensions
  2. Harnessing and amplifying the Universal Torus Vortex
  3. Becoming aware of implant anchoring points
  4. How to break implant anchoring points and remove the implants
  5. Employing the angelic realms in your work
  6. Acceptance and "forgiveness" for any intervention
  7. Finally applying the torus to relocate entities in one's field. 

So do sample the first couple of minutes of the meditation above, and if you feel inspired, click through to the downloads page. I'm very confident the meditation will help you.

In loving support

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