Thank you Open for yet another great tool on the journey of evolution.  I have been employing it every day since it came out. Yesterday, i started having flu like symptoms with all the attributes of sore throat, stuffy/runny nose and so on.  It was a rough night but today i am feeling much better with weaker symptoms. Wondering if this could be related to the implant/entity removal meditation or something else.  

I think my case is somewhat tough as i haven't yet been able remove entities and implants in my field.  I can feel them clearly where they reside and attached even when not meditating.  Maybe i am trying too hard? Sometimes pressure is so intense in the head that i get tears in my eyes.  The implant is somewhere between third eye and crown. Entity feels to be on the right side next to lower/middle spine, mostly felt in the back but sometimes stomach as well. Feels like a dense energy there.  

I will keep working with it and explore every opportunity to move it.  Like for example, sneezing can be employed to push out the unwanted energy from the field as well.

With Support,