Hi Anatoly - I would say, yes, flu like symptoms could indicate coming into a new layer of consciousness that is wanting to cleanse - and that layer could have implants buried within.

You said you're struggling to remove what you're experiencing. I would say to consider the sense of the flu and the symptoms as a possible gift. So, using the 'Transmutation' approach (or the simplified Breakthrough approach), it would be to surrender deeply into the symptoms and totally accept them - to normalise in them without trying to take them away. So feel right in.

Recall the great saying... "your pain is the place where the light enters". Which means the soul can infuse through the places you can feel - the pain makes the unconscious, conscious! So there might be a crucial key to removing the energy there.

Another word that stood out was 'trying' to remove them. The key is to fully embody, so that you don't lose the ray 1 anchor (in the base) when 'pushing'. In this way, they will come out when you are ready, and you'll have the flowing power to take fully sovereignty.

Wishing you well with it

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