Hi Open,

Since looks like I am turning more and more into a bit confused, but still quite nice vacuum cleaner hhh and sent to all kinds of very "interesting" places, people, experiences, visions and fields, in the present and the past as well, and all kinds of VERY special energies move and get stuck in me... in short, lots of intense work here, and while being guided how to deal with it all (syncs rock), having support in form of people here and islands of nature, and learning to do the "chemistry" with everything we've got here and around, I guess only now I can appreciate the information, tools and experience you share on the topic.

It is complex, when going into details and working with different types, as each has its own way of entering, spreading, anchoring and being released, and the gifts they leave behind also vary massively, but the main thing, the core of it, remains the same and I am deeply grateful Praying Emoji

Thank you!