Hi Open, you say in meditation:

The lower mind, intellect plane can be imagined like a sky with clouds representing thoughts. Its ok to have thoughts but not hold on to them

In my case, most of the time that plane feels very cloudy and overcast so it is not a matter of not holding on, it is like i am constantly distracted with thoughts.  Sometimes, the curse words pop in out of nowhere (what a heck) especially when you talk about inviting angelic help. That is also distracting.  I know i have implants and probably entities, i can feel them.

Probably, due to early onset of OCD in my childhood i have developed some repetitive thought cycles and self judgement and only now i am seriously dealing with it.  I know i need to notice and break these cycles, it just that most of the time i sleep into them.  Here are my blindspots and implants.  Sometimes, it feels like catch 22.

Any additional reflections on this would be greatly appreciated!

With Love,