Hi Anatoly - firstly the positive thing is that you recognise what's going on - this is immensely important to resolving the issue. Countless people in the world are living in the way your describe and don't even realise it. They don't even realise anything is wrong!

I'd say the first thing is to observe what's going on, as much as you possibly can, without needing to fix it. Look for any aspect of yourself that might be seeking to fix, and work to let that go.

So essentially to let it all swirl and do what it's going to do, but as much as you possibly can, and as often as you can - regularly throughout the day, commit to observing exactly what is happening in your inner landscape.

Firstly you become the observer of it. But then look to expand this observation so you penetrate into and through the disharmony. Look for a sense of being the canvass upon which the thoughts are moving - the sky. Look for different and new qualities of that experience within the experience. Maybe it's acceptance. Maybe its inquisitiveness. Look for the buried aspect of authentic soul, that is tied up within the distortion and seek to attune that - in other words, integrate the feeling of that into your experience. Thus you start to liberate soul through it, and the density looses it's roots. It has to resolve out into something more aligned.

Keep exploring! I wish you well.

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