Hi Open,


I did the implants meditation . Only the second time I have done it( STRONG resistence) and I can tell I need to do it many many times more. After the meditation I did an hour long yin yoga practice that moved through the chakras with a massive emotional release ( read ugly bawling with snot πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„) .

After that wonderful morning I am feeling deeply grounded and centred.  The last time I did the implant meditation I didn't feel into the toroidal energy that much. Honestly it felt more like a mind thing ,I didn't really feel the energy. This time though I could feel the energy zinging especially in the upward movement,not so much toward the core downward . I was also able to connect with angelic realm through opening my heart but I am not sure I got rid of my solar plexus entity . That energy still has attached remnants I feel. 

What I am amazed is that in (what feels like) a short time I have gone from someone who was reading this thread only from a very theoretical perspective to being able to feel into it . 


Thank you so much for that powerful powerful meditation ! 


With lots of love and a heck more clarity ,

Megha :)