Been a lovely couple of weeks taking it all in and integrating the paradigm shift into the daily and the two meditations that I downloaded have been most helpful and I have been interchanging between the two when I can.

We have a full moon today and figured hey, let me do all that’s being suggested from everything I’ve been reading on it and to take it all in — the cleansing bath, connecting barefoot with the earth, connecting with the flow with this meditation and even accessed a nice 7 minute long chakra meditation for children that activates in a child friendly manner the 7 chakras and it’s all the beginnings of an amazing journey with my family.

staring out into the clearness of the night sky with the moon aglow from our balcony;  the peace, the magnitude of love and connectedness I feel are immense.

Its all very amazin that one can actually feel the implants desolving from where the discomfort resides.

Makes me feel such hope and faith that together through connectedness we can totally realign and leave behind all the conditioning that has us seeking a better reality, a consciousness of love peace and joy.

I see that for Africa and I see it for the world. Thank you Open for being able to reach us all through your important work so that we may realize our authentic selves and connect with God.