It's a great question Richard - hi there.

There's a widely held view at the moment in spiritual circles that to be in the moment means not to be thinking - that thought is just your 'story'. I think this is slightly misguided. The mind is also here in the now! Yet I agree, that to be disconnected from this reality is also an illusion. So to me there's a balance. I'll 'daydream' at times but there's a relationship that goes on between the inner and outer world still. And yes, I think you hit the nail on the head - to be conscious while daydreaming - to observing yourself in the dream. That way the dream has a point.

I find that in daydreaming this way, it stimulates a good deal of creativity. And I also feel if I start to slip off somewhere unreal. An awareness brings me back to what is possible. When you're aligned in this way, then I find it actually begins to make reality shape. It's like you're observing the unfolding of the path.

Best wishes