I had to giggle a bit at this article and just wanted to send a huge high five and an amen to that!

I'm reading this thinking uhh huh yup, that's me, check check check down the list lol! I even shut everything out and I used to feel bad for having to shut people out but thankfully I'm getting to a place where I can just say no, sorry.. Not today, maybe tomorrow who knows!

Makes me remember too how they used to send me to the school psychologist because I just kept daydreaming away, its funny looking back at it though because I never could give an answer to why I was doing it I just usually said I dont know, maybe I'm just thinking.. of stuff and people and the whys of the why. I think it does actually help my unique spiritual path though in the aspect that I'm kind of like a dog and its bone.. I keep going seeking answers in all ways and all things. Heck, it even brought me here :) 

High Five to the Creative!