Thank you so much for your reply, Open. I appreciate it very much - and I agree with you, that it is wisest to begin where you are. I had just never heard of "five gateways" until Martin told me about you and Openhand, and straight after your level 1 in Malmö, I stumble upon this where they mention five gateways (and emotional level, like you spoke about). I was volunteering; helping out putting chairs out for the event, serving water etc, and I didn't really know what the lecture would be about.
There was one woman who attended who was clearly not well or in balance. She was talking to herself the whole time and spoke nonsense. Some of the other attendees laughed at her behind her back. So they who did that were not in balance either. And I guess, when you are not, it is not an effective transmission - or can even harm you?
I had a belief that if your intention is right, however, the angels will help, and that anyone then can transmit healing energy (more or less effectively).
The tightness I felt in the group, was that people were awkward reading out loud lines on a piece of paper. It felt like going to church when you were a child. Although the lines were very beautiful.
Thank you again, I do agree and really like the idea of not "trying" but rather let experience evolve naturally.

All the best to you and Trinity