Hola everyone – Paul again. Reviewing the last two posts, it is apparent that I have a growing tendency to drop long expository partly ego-driven descriptions of personal spiritual trials/growth.:)But like lots of people here, I find this place to a very beneficial source/outcome of self-expression. And I really like the vibe here – you folks are awesome. So DEAL WITH IT!

Semi-Obligatory status report follows: That same afternoon after my last post a couple weeks ago, I fell into a fever that lasted for four days. Both ears developed infections, and I lost 50% hearing in my left one for a week. Being no fan of the current medical establishment, I super-setted Vitamin C, organic apple cider vinegar, tons of water, and hydrogen peroxide for my ears – all to no avail. I finally went to the doctor when my mom asked me to go – it was her birthday and that’s what she said she wanted.

I took that is a sign - 12 hours later antibiotics had me feeling much better literally overnight.

I had not been sick at all after having been through RSD. I find it very strange and highly coincidental that this particular outcome came immediately after I directly addressed a throat blockage via Trinity’s releasing entities guided meditation.

I also do a scan for blockages towards the end of a “standard” meditation session, and am ALWAYS drawn to my throat. Yesterday it felt REALLY TIGHT and almost infintely deep.... way more so than the usual feeling. There was a massive lump there and I relaxed into it and feel that I made some progress, but it did not go away. It felt like deep sadness. I also noticed for the first time that the 6th chakra area was very tight as well.

2 questions: (and I promise these are more direct than the last post):)

1) This time last year I was sleeping through life and didn’t have the faintest clue about that simple fact. I am very new to all of this. Because it has been a rarity for me to find a silent place between work and home, I find myself doing breathing meditation all day long. I basically visualize breathing in light from my higher self coming down to the base chakra then pulsating away from me on the out breath. I also do humming vibrations along to specific frequencies while driving(whilst using the same imagery). I find that I’m drawn to incorporate meditation into my life rather than just sitting motionless. Partly because I like the fluidity of movement, partly because I haven’t made the effort to set aside the time, and partly because my flexibility is halfway shot after 15 years in the corporate world. Should I make the time for more “formal” types of meditation? Is this in line with Walking The Path?

2) I have noticed my tongue suctioning to the roof of my mouth and drawing back to my throat. Almost like it wants to address the tightness itself. I did some research and came across some jaw-dropping stuff (pun intended) regarding Kriya yoga. What are some things I should be aware of as an absolute amateur in this?

As always Thanks for your time!