It just seems such distorted logic. I mean they recognise how essential bees are to the ecosystem and pollination, balance of life, yet in stead of asking why they're declining and changing behaviour accordingly (e.g. stop the use of pesticides, wifi, pollution) they try and come up with some insane scheme to make bees obsolete, by making their own?! The sources state it might be viable in 10-20years, so I guess the time to question it is now. And its the same with Geo-engineering, which obviously is already practiced.

I do feel like there's enough people who see the ridiculousness and horror of such projects when its brought to their attention, but I don't think there's enough who make a stand in their truth, in relation to that; in whatever way their soul feels moved; it might mean growing your own food, buying organic, keeping bees, writing a blog etc. what feels invited?

Again its an invitation to feel what it evokes, where we get tight, feel and soften, and feel what's invited. I find its easy to tighten around these issues and get into mind otherwise.

I love bees.