Hi Sup

Your post interested me, for a few reasons.

My experience of kundalini awakening (and I was the average impure type- to some extent) was radical and shattering. You say:

'No you will not be able to proceed your "normal" life like working and being a mother or father once the process starts. There is nothing that is normal once the Kundalini awakens.'

I would say the surrender into the process has enabled me to live a very 'normal' life raising two children and working. The requirement seems to be more about simplifying, opening and coming into alignment. Which is what the openhand approach is all about. I do understand the need to advise others not to push it, but I'm here as testament that you absolutely can when ready move through the process. When it started I used to read posts like yours and spin out into fear. I think it's important to know that when 'ready' the inner teaching will come forth and the right teachers will emerge to support you. Always have faith in that. We live in times when people are awakening very unexpectedly - I feel its time to spread a more positive message about the process. It's the energy of transformation after all. :)