Hi Kundalini :)

Nice to hear constructive critic from a fellow traveller :)

I did not want to scare people. I meant point out that by forcing or rushing into awakening might bemore harmful than beneficial. Especially by getting initations before you actually can handle it.

It seems that you had you awakening at the right time, when you were prepared for it and ready to let go. The inner work was at a stage that allowed you to embrace the porcess and take the next step.

I am sorry if my post seem to be a bit aggressive. I did not meant to cause more confusion. But after witnessing "awakenings" where the natives were not ready for it, I had an urge to write a few comments on this subject. There are people who are giving these initiations without really giving people the knowledge and support they need.

Once again, this was not meant be an attack against the people on Openhand. I just wanted to highlight the importance of an authentic teacher and guide that will help you thoughout the process.

But everyone is free to do just as they feel.

Wish you all the best <3