I'd say you're right about not forcing or pushing Kundalini Supr3m3.

That's why we felt to highlight in the article...

    We have to be mindful then of practices which unnaturally force kundalini without the proper integration of the higher spiritual behaviour in our lives. In my experience, psychedelic drugs such as Ayahuasca and also forced kundalini yogic breathing are practices to be wary of. What we're looking for is a steady build up of kundalini energy over time, allowing it to progressively flow into our density so that we can unravel and integrate it through our daily lives. Then it becomes the most profoundly rewarding and beneficial influence imaginable.

And yes, it can be pretty earth-shattering - so working with guides who've fully experienced and integrated it can be of profound benefit - I know Katie (Kd1) above has for example.


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