Decided to share some recent musing.

Since the level 1 workshop in May I have had various experiences with Kundalini. The most awesome ones during meditation when I have felt the bubbles of energy rising up through the heart centre; heard the roar of waterfalls and thunder; felt the bee-like buzzing throughout my body and heard the whistles of some unseen, gurur/coach. It has not all been straight forward though and cautionary tales are as necessary as the inspiring ones.

I have experienced massive arrhythmia, where my heart has almost knocked me off me feet, such was the strength of the muscle pump. Similarly, I have felt the energy rise through my body but not my central channel and this has caused partial black-outs, nausea and dizziness.

The process is a natural one, but we can help prepare ourselves by activities that increase nerve function and endocrine activity throughout the body. Energy moves best when there are no blockages. Being relaxed, calm, confident, joyful, loving and blissful helps. Practising these states until they become your natural state, increases corresponding hormone levels. Increasing your sensitivity to energy through chi kung or similar also helps moves these hormones to every cell of the body which does give kundalini access. And of course the more intense the emotional state the greater the involvement of kundalini.

Aya/DMT/Ibogaine are consciousness changing, but, I would suggest, offer only temporary changes. Just as shaktipat will not on its own awaken kundalini to a level that can be integrated fully into existence. Yet both can have a place in waking us up. Both can have a place in helping experience our true nature. Both can have a place in making the difference between choosing ignorance or choosing to become the warrior.