Two days ago, while reading several (to me now) priceless articles of yours, I came across an older one (I believe from 2012) where Trinity describes her awakening and I got somehow frightened (the human in me, yaaaayyy!) and for two days I thought: ok, maybe I should take it easy, don't push it if it does not come naturally, in a less overwhelming way so to speak. Today I checked out your webpage and the last article I could see was (tadaaa!) this one, again about kundalini. What a coincidence, some might say, but I almost cried when I saw it. I've just finished reading it and it gave me such a relief. I somehow knew that for such an event, one needs to prepare/balance his/her body/mind for it, through different practiced (as you mentioned above) yet sometime kundalini is triggered off by itself, yet (in my opinion) it has to do more with the soul's purpose. Thank you again, for your time and effort you're putting into sharing this valuable knowledge with us.