Hi Open,

I've been feeling kinda lost and discombobulated about the whole mirror thing. That whatever I attract mirrors my consciousness. So if I feel unworthy of love, for example, I will likely feel unloved by others in my life in regards to how they treat me. But then again, we co-create with others. So if I change my consciousness, it doesn't necessarily mean a loved one will change theirs. So what is the reflection there? I'm feeling that it likely relates to healing the distortion in myself and continuing to observe it in a loved one, but it doesn't trigger me or push any buttons because I've found myself as the One beyond it -- at least in regard to that particular distortion. You've said previously that no-one here in this third dimension is completely free of distortions. If you're fully self-realized as you are, I'm guessing you discern the distortions in others but don't feel them as a reflection of your own distortions, given that you feel yourself as the One and no longer identify with distorted behaviour patterns.

Also, if I'm feeling my own pain when I'm involved with a loved one in pain, am I not feeling both their pain and my own, given we are all One, but not the same, as U2 sings, "We're One but we're not the same." We are each unique expressions of the divine and we hold the tangible intangibility of both Oneness and duality as Trinity says in one of her meditations.

Any light you can shed on confusion would be appreciated. Thank you.

I've switched back to my childhood name, Cathy, since I no longer relate to Catherine that I took on in my 20's.

x Cathy