Hi Cathy (I like your name change by the way),

I might not answer your questions directly, but this is how I feel to respond.

The mirror that you draw to yourself is not strictly a direct mirror - in the sense that they exactly mirror who you are. They can't, because you are unique!

It's a sense that the other is reflecting, not the exactitude.

And in the sense of the mirror, what's most important to take in, is not what that reflection looks like, but what it feels like inside. So you draw someone and it kicks off a particular feeling of some kind of tightness or process. That's the mirroring of which I speak.

But logic can also point the way.

For instance let's say you're with someone, and they don't reflect what you know to be your core values. And they're not evolving along with you. What is it that they're doing? Perhaps they're denying their deeper self. So one might then ask: "what am I denying about my unconscious self?"

But be prepared that it won't be a direct likeness because we are each unique.

On the second part, I observe there is a widespread misunderstanding here about the concept that "we are all One". It's a paradox - we are, and we are not. At the absolute level, where everything literally dissolves into the One, inside yourself, where we've moved beyond all feeling, then yes, we are the One, and there is no separation.

But at the same time, you are being a unique and separate expression. If there was no such relativity, then there could be no experience - no you and me. Because you can only know hot in the presence of cold, up in the presence of down, love in the presence of fear. These are all relativistic experiences.

It's one of the hardest things to master: to hold two, apparently contradictory truths, both at the same time, without needing it to be one way or the other.

It's how you ultimately grasp the formation of reality at all. How could the Big Bang explode outwards if there was nothing outwards in which to expand? It's because reality is a dynamic equilibrium between being and not being, between one and separation. You have both conditions existing in the same space and time together.

It gives the illusion the possibility of feeling real.

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