Hi everyone. I am LightofLearning, recently experienced a Kundalini Awakening and want to share with you. At first, it was scary. I had no idea what was happening. I felt like I was getting a download of information from the biggest supercomputer in the universe. I couldn't stop talking. All kinds of thoughts and ideas on subjects i never studied in college or grad school started flooding my mind. I started seeing blue lights everywhere.... little tiny flashes during the day, at night, all the time. I was awake from the hours of 3-4AM every night, sitting in a state of bliss, with my whole body buzzing with energy. Sometimes, I went downstairs to write on the computer. My wife and I thought I was going nuts. I couldn't sit still. I lost 4 inches from my waist, 20 pounds, and started exercising vigorously to expel the excess energy. All of the sudden, things started to happen. A man offered me a partnership in a media business. A friend of mine told me about a spiritual guide who specializes in Kundalini Awakenings with whom I am meeting this Saturday. After 8 weeks of a rough ride, everything began to calm down. I felt this connection to my body. Things felt more.... integrated.... like I was really living in there for the first time. Every interaction with people became a chance to be kind to them and listen to their stories. I felt like I had nothing to do. Even at work, the day just glides by. I do my job, smile at everyone, and go home to my wife. It is very blissful. I was told when I was hired that I was going to have the possibility to rise up in the company. (We are a major software company.) The other day, my boss let it slip that they are going with an outside hire for the role I thought I was going to get promoted into. I was upset for a second, but then Kundalini kicked in and I started laughing. This is just God taking care of me. Perhaps the job was not right. Perhaps I would have failed. Or, most likely, the person who will get the job.... it is part of his or her journey and simply not part of mine. So, I found this community and thought I would join and say hello. Please feel free to message me. Kundalini is a fascinating new topic in my life and I would like to study it further. I bought some books and plan on a few sessions with my new spiritual guide, a past life regression, some transpersonal therapy. The self I was 3 months ago would have laughed all this off as completely impractical nonsense. I have seen the light, though, brothers and sisters. It is ALL real: energy fields, God, the universe's power, spirits, angels... the reason I know is I can FEEL them now. And it's not scary at all. It's wonderful. There is a unity for this universe and a divine plan and we are all part of it. What a wonderful place this planet is to be. Louis Armstrong must have had Kundalini when he wrote "What A Wonderful World". So, anyways, I need to get to work now, but please message me with any thoughts on any of the spiritual realm. I would love to discuss with you and learn from my friends who have more experience with this sort of thing. Peace, Love, Light and Joy to all of you.