hi Lightoflearning, greetings, welcome to Openhand. :-)

Yes it's lovely isn't it when kundalini kicks off. Yes it is often earth-shattering, turning the previous reality on it's head.

After the initial phase, what then happens is the inner journey of purification, where kundalini is progressively integrated until it becomes a way of life.

I should also say, to be of assistance, it's pretty clear you've had only a partial kundalini activation. It comes across in how you write and explain - I'm able to feel through the ether. When full activation happens, all sense of separated identity is gone. There is nothing other than the path, and a constant conscious choice in every moment. Lower self is completely integrated into divine higher self.

So I celebrate in your wonderful experience - brilliant. Now comes the integrational part. Which will likely take many years of mastery.

The path itself beckons!


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