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Open - yes.... thank you. When I read your response I found Geoff on the property to share this with him and we both welled up with tears...
We have talked about it many times - how our hearts have been cracked wide open, but it felt that the density below was stopping the flow of the very Life force itself. Since my 'pop' I have had glimpses that breathing into the grip of the Solar Plexus clears the pain (emotional and physical) enough for the energy to flow down into my second chakra - creative, inspired thoughts seem to begin to flow to fulfill the need for security of the base chakra. This is how is appears to be moving in my body with no particular destination or intention in mind.
The grip on my back is loosening - and there are small bubbles appearing... the tiniest bubbles of laughter at the silliness of it all, smiles at the birdsong and dogs and knowing that all is right with the world.
It HAS to be...
Thank you - yet again, Open... for your guidance in this perilous sojourn.