Here are some symptoms of the beginnings of Kundalini...

- Powerful surges of energy that make you feel highly energised but ungrounded
- Expansions into higher dimensional experiences
- Rollercoaster mood swings, emotional highs and lows
- Spasms in the body as the energy moves through the density
- Headaches and pains around the Third Eye as it opens more
- Strong sexual urges
- Frequent swaying of the body
- Prophetic visioning and dreaming
- A seeming disconnect from 3D reality
- Diffculty communicating with old thought patterns and vocabulary
- Frequent pangs of hunger as the energy integrates, or else conversely the complete loss of appetite
- the sense of needing to purify lower self, mind, emotions and body
- frequent senses of euphoria with divine connection
- the sense of presence of a divine guide or guardian (the higher self)
- the interrfering affect of Opposing Consciousness

What are you experiencing?