Dear Open,
Thank you for this article. The concept of entities, that I was introduced to when we met in April, resonates deeply with me. It did then and it has ever since. I see how we humans are fiddled with like string puppets, every day, all the time, through the way our surroundings and endless distraction possibilites in the city are designed: food, drinks, technology, tv, newspapers, stress ... you name it.

I saw this article via your post on Facebook (so technology is not just bad ;) and am so grateful for that.

Trinity, thank you for the Releasing Entities Meditation. It felt so good doing it. And you have such a soothing voice. I definitely felt an huuuge tightness in my stomach. I could hardly breathe through it. It felt very dense and "black". At the end of the meditation, I could breathe through it. I felt it "dissolve" and also "moving" upwards, through my chest and throat, almost affecting my breathing. I don't feel completely "free" of it now, but it is definitely much lighter and I will do it again.