These are great questions Robisbe. And the very fact that you're asking them demonstrates you're going deeply and really getting into the essence of how the intervention impacts people (without them even knowing).

Firstly, yes, each situation is a co-creation. And the more sensitive you become, the more you feel the interfering influence of entities pressing people's buttons or applying filters in their field which they're unwittingly acting through. Yes, that can be very frustrating when you can see their issue whilst they're blaming you for the problem! How to deal with that?

Put simply it invites mastery of you. It's a bit like walking into a multidimensional boxing ring where you can't 'punch' back. But what you can do is soften and flow. You can also stand your ground "this is what I'm experiencing from you" - but done so without energy. You can call what you see and feel, in a gentle compassionate (but not weak) way. Eventually, if you're persistent, you'll get through.

The entities are coming in on different frequencies of beingness (they purposefully work distortions of each of the Seven Rays of the Soul). So someone could be speaking passionately to you but unaware of their distortion which brings the energy in with their expression. Or they could be denying their truth by taking the victim mentality - which lets a different kind of entity in. You have to keep calling what you see and feel - not the entity part because most won't be able to handle that - rather that their energy is distorted. All the while it will help to express that you might have distortions to look at too - this is never about just one side.

If you keep working at it, the distortions in the relationship will dissolve, in which case, the entities can't come in. If the other person is continually not able or willing to look at their stuff, and you've learned all you can from the interaction, then you have to ask yourself if it serves your evolution (and peace of mind) to continue. Maybe it's then time to move on. For me, this would always be a last resort. But I'd also want to be clear there's no neediness on my part that is hanging on. You have to be honest with yourself. You have to always be prepared to acknowledge your own stuff, and always prepared to let go - to move on.

Yes, this is what it truly means to be a 'warrior of light'. It's not just the fuzzy 'love is all there is' stuff. Because life - real life - is just not like that!