Here's one that's going to shock some people: yes, entities can create synchronicity that makes it appear as though you're in the flow - when in fact you're not.

Here's a rule of thumb: entities are not flexible and find spontaneity very difficult to deal with. It's because their whole ethos is about control - controlling patterns of existence to fit within a false reality agenda.

So over the course of a few days, you may witness synchronicities - perhaps guiding you to a particular choice. Say three or four indications to go to a place spread out over several days or weeks. They might appear as thoughts. So you think you're given to do that particular thing. Contrary to popular belief, these are often implanted thoughts that might lure you into a particular frequency - intentional manifestation for example.

But the genuine flow is in the moment. Don't we always speak about there being 'one moment of now'? How does intentional manifestation fit with that? It doesn't, because you're intentionally trying to control something in the future. So there's one moment and when you're in it, the flow is spontaneous and synchronicities spontaneous. They're not telling you what to do, they're telling you that you're already in the flow. You observe them because you're a part of the co-creation of the universe. It's like surfing; if you're watching for where to go next as an idea or thought, then you'll be behind the wave and fall off. Or else you'll be steered into some kind of fixed eddy current.

When you're really surfing, you're standing on the wave and becoming a part of it. You flow with every nuance of feeling. You're not predicting what's going to happen next. Instead you just flow as one with it. So in authentic living, you let the higher knowing and feeling carry you moment by moment. Then you witness authentic synchronicity.

    Now of course this can only happen in the moments you've released distortions and density that get in the way. So the best place to begin, is to keep feeling for a flow, but witness where you tighten, where you resist what in your heart you know you should be doing. When you soften into that resistance, then you open the space through which the wave flows. Once more you're witnessing synchronicity - the authentic kind, not the controlling kind.

And just a brief word about the 'quiet inner voice'. If you're actually being spoken to as a voice telling you to 'do this or that', it's something to be very wary of. Often that happens as an intervention with thoughts being implanted as words. The real flow is the landing of knowing and a heart felt pull. There may be an internal commentary on this: "this is what we're doing now" as you're doing it. To me that's totally authentic. But again if you're receiving directives, be careful of those.

If you're unsure, the key is to test the guidance against inner feeling: how does that feel? Over time, you get to know the frequency of your own soul. It just feels right within the core of your being (and you get to know when it's not authentic - you start to sense the intervening frequency).

Yes the lid is coming off. No it's not easy. Yes you are designed to master this intervention!

Happy surfing