Thanks for the replies, Chris.

Indeed, it's not easy. And there's so much to this subject; it seems endless. BTW: in my first post on this page I meant myself as a subject, not the influencing in other people.

At this point I search for solutions for a few specific things:

Dreamscape Manipulation

A huge problem at this point is Dreamscape Manipulation. I practice Dream Recall (every day) and noticed how some beings seem to be able to keep me from becoming lucid in the dreamworld/Astral Dimension. So basically, I'm acting silly, like a fool, falling for stuff I normally would not fall for, being manipulated, etc. I assume this happens to many people, but probably especially to those who are 'waking up' and for other reasons (like monitoring).

Energy Corruption

I need to know how to really have protection against energy corruption. I can handle the 'normal' manipulation stuff, like sudden energy drains when reading an empowering book (so an unaware person would feel sleepy and put down the book; never finishing it or not 'getting it'), or a Mind Loop (at least when I'm awake), or some talking entities, but recently I was bombarded with something that totally corrupted my energy and after standing my ground for a while, I did got ill for over a week. I had to bargain (threatening with spreading a certain book around which exposes a great deal of these things) to make it stop. I can imagine that the continuation of the energy corruption I refer to now could cause death or at least constant illness; it's extremely severe.

You once wrote you can connect with Benevolence (I think in your Opposing Consciousness article), but what if you can't yet feel/do this? And would it help against what I experienced? I do not now.

It also sucks to realize that privacy does not exist - at all. Anything I do is monitored (I got verification of that several times).