Yes it's a challenge - and yes, practically everything is being monitored - within your thoughts and feelings.

But they have to have something to hook onto - a place where you're bleeding energy in some way. Otherwise they literally cannot see you. So you have to become as a 'ghost in the machine'. If you got ill for over a week, then it's because some part of you is resisting reality or else you're activating karma (which they also exploit). My suggestion is that rather than 'standing your ground', let them come fully into your field. Don't resist. But where the pain then happens, keep softening with it, keep softening into it. This is where your soul realigns through your being. Then you don't release energy and there's nothing for them to hook onto.

Benevolence is always working with you, but you have to recognise how true benevolence works. Firstly as you undoubtedly know, it doesn't tell you what to do - that's actually malevolence deceiving - like most of the channeled material that's being shared. True benevolence works by reflecting mirrors. So if you're ill, ask not 'how you can be healed?' - this just pulls in more Opposing Consciousness on the vibration of non acceptance. Instead learn to ask 'what is this showing me'? Then you'll begin to notice the answers reflected as synchronicities - they'll always show up as how to be, not what to do. Authentic doing then just happens as an effect of authentic being. And this, the OC cannot touch.