This is so important what you share here, Open.

I don't think it can be overestimated.

It is so often that people try to fight control with control, resistance with resistance and tightness with tightness. It can never work.

And maybe some people find it hard to resonate and accept the whole concept of OC, so to them I always say it doesn't matter how you call them or the whole sensation of it. One thing is for sure: it always takes form of subtle control and effort.

So I say, ok, for whatever reason, you are experiencing THIS. What are you gonna do about it?

And many people come to the same conclusion from all kinds of experiences.

For example, I know one person who played it badly with drugs and got into a really horrible condition, a nightmare. He was given an advice, saying "if you fight it, it will eat you alive. Don't fight. Surrender." The advisor knew nothing about spirituality, but was very experienced with drugs and bad trips :D (unbearable suffering is one of the best teachers in life hehe) And later on this person learned it is always about this simple thing. You soften, surrender, and then just flow.

Things like NLP, affirmations, etc, they all come to fight the existing reality, the existing state of mind. Most techniques to take care of physical problems also say the same: fight.

From my experience, it just makes things worse. You can never achieve balance by fighting.

So I continually learn to step back, watch, spot where I resist or contract and just let go, allow things to be they way they are. And then, when I am no longer identified, they fall off on their own. So simple.

And I am so grateful. I learned a lot from Open and Trin. Since then things are very different.

Thank you very much <3 <3