I just felt to add there are all kinds of entities and all kinds of ways to release them, depending on the level they are hooked at (emotional, karmic, etc).

If you can't breathe, it means you resist, as if trying to hold them, so soften more :)

There are several ways to do that. Basically, all are the same, but work through different roots:

1. Focus out, zoom out. One of the ways it works is that it degrades you down to the feeling of tightness and discomfort. You as if become very condensed, small, your focus is pulled into the sensation and thought "oh, entity!" and then all of your being is as if sucked into this process. If you focus on that too much, you get locked and one of the symptoms is being unable to breathe. What I do is immediately unravel the focus to my whole field, so the sensations and feelings are only a small part of what I am holding within the field. Then it feels as if the clench is released. In other words, if you don't allow to lock on you, and keep opening into your field and spread your consciousness to its full potential, the locking mechanism won't work.

I have learned to look at it like at weeing or showering. One of the ordinary routines... So I don't get overly excited and swallowed in it.

2. Soften through the walls. It often feels as if there are walls suffocating you. Again, if you, in any way, get too consumed by the sensation, it intensifies to the point you can't breathe. So the idea is the same as in 1, only that you now feel the walls suffocating you and just getting into them, as if pushing yourself down ,very softly. It is like not trying to breathe up, which will pull you out of the body, but rather breathe yourself down, filling the 'balloon' where the walls are. But keeping softening all the way. It feels as if you are filling you field with your consciousness, softly soaking through the 'walls'.

3. Let go. Another reason why it can happen is holding on to an entity (because you are so used to it, that you got to identify yourself with it) or whatever it hooks you on. So watch where and what that is. Not necessarily something you can put into words or thought. It can be just some energy which you even don't understand what it is. You can talk to yourself, gently saying let go. Or reminding yourself it is only an experience, and finding that space where you are who you really are. And then there is a sensation of release, even some kind of death. The less you resist, the smoother it goes. I also often just totally expose myself to God. No agenda, no trying to even do anything, like release the entity or attachment. I just let absolutely everything go! And with that, what was meant to be let go of, also goes. It might feel as if nothing there anymore but consciousness.

4. When karmic blockages kick in, there is often (usually) a pressure in the chest and some sort of panic or fear accompanying it. It also can cause problems with breathing, So from there it can be watching the fear (form of resistance) and unraveling into it, and then watching the field, sensations and feelings where and what was activated, leaving the pressure in the chest in the background. If you try to solve the pressure in the chest, as if resisting the activation. it also can cause problems with breathing.

5. Another thing is that when experiencing past life death, breathing also can temporary stop. Don't panic or force yourself to breath. Relax into the experience. If you don't breath, then don't, Your body will breath on its own, don't worry :)

6. Resisting or fighting the entities. I think this is the last thing that might cause the breath getting stuck. I always make sure there is no need to get rid of the entity, or fight it, and that there is no emotional response to the event.

I mean, do you get emotional when you come back home, finding yourself all dirty? You just take shower and enjoy it, right? :)

Plus, usually it is not the entity itself you must watch, but why it is there, also without the need to see and let it go NOW. Sometimes you get a glimpse, but still are not in a place to release some old baggage. Some took me years to unload, bit by bit, until I got to the kernel, after 'training' on softening with much milder things.

7. Unravel with the entity. So, some think they are held and trapped by entities. One of the big jokes is that it is not true. You are trapped because you want to be trapped, you trap yourself. They just are manifested as an external force helping you with that.

I've had a big revelation lately why this whole intervention took place, and found that it was actually not all malevolent. Part of it is humans adapted to process some universal distortions, that express themselves through the entities. In other words, we had to experience the Opposing side of God, the anti-God. But it is another subject...

So, as unpleasant as it may feel, we feel this because we are meant to work with this, with our own opposing side.

Once you are ready to unravel and expand, you simply do it with an entity inside. Once you let the opposing part of you die, opposing forces have no power over you and the entity is released on its own.

A great metaphor of this process is Ripley in Alien 3:

I did't find the uncensored one, where during the fall, the alien bursts out f her chest and she is just holding him during the free fall and then disappearing with it in the fire.

So, just keep softening, and keep looking where you are still tight about it, where there is too much of your ego in the process... It is an ongoing letting go process, and every time you find new resistances and ways that were hidden from you before.