Yes Yulia - those films were powerful metaphors indeed. These films weren't given to us simply by chance. There's phenomenal interdimensional reality in them.

In my new book Divinicus, I talk in detail about the Original Distortions - mistakes - as God became aware of him/her/self. How the 'dark side' was created by getting lost in the illusion of physicality and trying to control it. Thus all manner of distorted forms are created and situations to 'play out' in the theatre of life.

So we need to get very real about this - that's certainly Openhand's further path forwards through this realm now. We're going to call what we see (thanks for beginning the process!).

You make a very powerful point when you say...

    "So, as unpleasant as it may feel, we feel this because we are meant to work with this, with our own opposing side."

Entities are actually there to 'help you' - yes it's a paradox. There'll come a point on the path, when you realise there's just no point in any moment of asleepness, any moment of disconnection, any moment of control. They don't serve, and each has the capacity to stay alert, stay awake, stay in the flow. If you don't, the intervention will penalise you in some way. But really, all that it's doing, is highlighting your unconscious side and therefore..... it is doing you a service!

Thus you can actually embrace the dark side and grow through it. It is the most powerful teacher you're ever likely to come across. And that teaching came across so strongly in that sequence of films.

Thanks for sharing