Just wanted to say I found your post incredibly helpful. I have aware of this shortness of breath, tightness in the solar plexus for 5 or 6 years now...though for the first 5 I focused completely on calming down on establishing a steady breath, on telling myself positive things etc...basically pushing it away and not seeing why it was there. I see that it comes up when I believe I need someone or I feel unworthy, and now it comes up when I am just totally by myself and in what would seem a comfortable and at ease place...making a smoothie, meditating, reading...all of a sudden I can't breathe and I feel a grip on my solar plexus and throat...I have been using what Yulia called zooming out over the last few months...basically allowing it completely and including it in the wider view without fighting it at all...this is so helpful...it's funny because when I was completely getting sucked into it, it felt like I could not speak or move or do anything...felt totally frozen, but when I include it and allow it - and feel the wider field the feeling is still there, but the limitation is not.

Over the last few days, I have been experiencing a lot of pain in my throat, jaw and head and it has been intense and quite challenging to not get totally sucked into those feelings...I keep feeling for the deeper space and softening the resistance I feel to the pain. The releasing entities meditation is helping as well.

Thank you for sharing such great info on these feelings!!

Came back to add something that just occurred to me...a funny mirroring experience...My front burner on my stove went out (which seems to relate to the solar plexus...the sun...the fire) - I had just been letting it go because I didn't really use that one anyway...so just been getting on with the other three. So I felt inspired to call someone out to fix it and found it would cost essentially half the cost of the whole stove to replace the one part...I asked the repairman if it is something tricky to fix on your own because of how the elements are all underneath the lid (very funny thing to say - since the feeling in the solar plexus feels like a lid) and he said no, you could totally do this yourself! It was such a great mirror of unravelling and releasing these entities by releasing our own distortions...that it is not something outside of us that is needed, that we can unravel this - it's all within ourself.