Hey Myra - there's a great quote: "your pain is the place where the light enters".

I've felt for quite some time that there's a lot you're not accessing within your lower bodily vehicles: stuff that's suppressed and blocked.

You see this is the point: if there's discomfort, why is there discomfort? And then what happens to you as a result of that? Do you immediately want to cure it or take it away? That's the usual approach in spiritual circles.

But our pain is the path to freedom. It is only by transcending it that we become truly free by becoming enlightened through it.

You asked...

    "Do you think its best just to leave off the meditation and do other things to chill out instead and then go back to the meditation when I am feeling a bit stronger?

That entirely depends on you. Do you want the pain to go away? Or do you want to be enlightened through it? In other words, would you prefer to become authentically you? The authentic you can work to the ends of the earth, work through your weakest moment.

When we reach the place of the latter, then there's only one approach: to accept the pain, and work with it by keep softening into it.

And let's be clear about entities - there's compassion, but that shouldn't mean weakness either. Acceptance that they're in the field and try to influence us, but not acceptance that they should always be there! We need to find the will of the warrior, to soften into our darkness and bring light into it. Then we can truly eject the intervention.

I trust this helps