Wow, it's so interesting to read all of your sharings about this subject. Thank you Yulia for all your long posts, I really got so much out of reading them. I really feel pressure in the chest, panic, fear and have trouble breathing - the way you describe karmic blockages. Perhaps that is what's going on with me.

I feel so strongly about this - Open, I really feel the "will of the warrior" in me when it comes to this. I want to tell the whole world about the existence of entities! I just know it is true. Although the concept is new to me. I feel it in my whole body and soul. My eyes even tear up from the feeling of "truth".

I recently came across a trailer about a new American movie about the food industry, called FED UP:

I am so happy that it has made it's way to the "broad masses", it's in theatres all over the place. Isn't the "food scheme" that we are all more or less tricked in to, to a huge part due to the work of entities? Thriving on our weaknesses for addiction, in this case sugar/wheat/fast carbohydrates? Making us "shrink", our auras weaker, our connection with the source/our soul/our path cut off??

Thank you Trinity for posting the link to your article about entities. WOW! It was so helpful. So important. Thank you!

Love to you all,