Thank you all for posting on this subject, it is much appreciated.

I took a course with Drunvalo Melchizedek. He spends a great deal of time speaking about entities. He says entities are “lost” souls from other dimensions who are stuck here and don’t know how to get back to their home. The entities then can go into a human host when the person is unconscious during anesthesia, during heavy drug use (i.e. heroin) or if a person has a persistent/compounding negative thought pattern.

He says that entities can be removed using his process and his approach is to remove them all. He says that if entities just leave the host they are in now, they can easily enter another host, so he “sends” them to their dimension immediately after removal. He says that there is a big problem with exorcisms because these entities are just floating around and soon after they will just enter another host. So the ideal thing to do is to send them to their home. He also says that if you don't know what you're doing when facilitating removal or if you don’t have this merkaba activated, the entities can enter into the facilitator or into other people.

In his course, he has students activate their merkaba and once this is activated, the merkaba can be programmed to keep these entities away from the person.

My question is, do you know anything about the merkaba and do you believe that once the merkaba is activated in a person, you are protected from entities? Also, Open, what do you personally do for yourself and for your clients once you remove an entity and do you believe that if they "linger around", they can enter other people or the removal facilitator?

Thank you very much.