Hi Consciousness999,

I haven't come across the work of Drunvalo much, but I do sense he's doing some wonderful work, and I tend to agree with some of what you've posted here.

So as I go onto share in the new upcoming work Divinicus, yes, these entities are in a sense 'lost' souls and they are interdimenisonal - so acting through various dimensions. They've become disconnected from the Source, separated (for various reasons) from their original homes, and so now use their power to shape synthetic realities according to distorted desires and sense of lack.

Yes entities enter a being in the areas in which they're unconscious - yes it can happen during drug use for example (the use of Ayahausca is classic). But the full scope of this intervention is not being realised here. What we're looking at, is a 'theatre' manifesting universal unconscious aspects. Like Revelling in Physicality (being lost in the physical), or The Pain of Existence for example. The entirety of Homo Sapiens is a hybrid species designed purposefully to receive this intervention by the Opposing Consciousness. So unless the soul is fully self-realised, then all humans are effected.

It can work like this: a deceptive, false vibration of bliss for example (false love and light), takes the soul (to a degree) out of full embodiment. Although you can still feel the body and interact with it (you feel like you're embodied), there is not full penetration of all cells. So now a lower based energy (an entity) can begin to act through those frequencies of unconsciousness - through your being.

If you're still predominantly in the mind (and also higher vibrations through false love and light), then the mind tends to condense the various interdimensional experiences down into one stream of experience - the 3D for example. So most people are totally unaware of the various interplays that make up their daily experience. This is prevalent across the whole of humanity.

Removing the entities is not enough. Entities connect in through energetic implants - these must be removed too. But this is only the first part. Self realisation must then fully embody the soul, and sovereignty of the being must take place through that. Otherwise you can still be influenced through the field. We need to understand these entities are not separate - they act as a collective 'hive' consciousness and can move around freely at will - in and out of people's fields where there are unconscious blind spots.

I've also explained the activation of the Merkabah - the spirit light body - in the new Divinicus work (I know Drunvalo speaks about this). It's a higher etheric body, that which facilitates interdimensionality and essentially our Ascension into the higher paradigm. Yes I agree, when you can activate it, then draw it down into your lower field - around the heart - then it does protect you to a large degree from the intervention.

In the Openhand work, we do remove entities and implants during the courses - we facilitate people releasing their distortions and karma. Then we help them self realise and embody soul. Increasingly, this means they're less susceptible to intervention. The best way is to become 'as nothing in it all'. In other words, to unwind unconscious tightness, stress and automated reaction to the outside world - to the matrix. Entities cannot 'see you' if you're not bleeding energy and so they cannot attach.

Our facilitators are also training in how to remove entities. And yes, they can become attached within the facilitator as this happens. What we're teaching people though, is that this is nothing to fear. The entities actually serve a beneficial purpose - they spotlight the areas where we have unconscious blindspots. So actually when you can feel one, paradoxically you also get an indication of the areas in which you need to work.

I've also written about some of the advanced deception techniques used by the intervention in another thread - it's important that we bring increasing awareness to these subjects - this is what will ultimately heal humanity.

Wishing all well

Open *OK*