I recently discovered the deceptive, opposing consciousness in my field and realized that I was feeding it unconsciously for years. My soul was trying to show that energy to me for a long time. However, 3 months ago, I wanted to find out what this dark energy in my energy field is. I came across your website and after reading the articles, everything fell into place. I did the entity releasing meditation. On the day, I felt the energy is gone from my field, my husband lost its job, which was giving him a lot of stress. I know that the entities were trying to limit our potential in our career and monetary life. We moved from east coast to west coast in the US and we always attracted the same kind of problematic jobs, spite of the fact that I and my husband are fearless people most of the time. We have two kids and no job at the moment. It feels like a new frequency without any interferences is on the way. We have a little fear for our children since we have no job and no money in the bank. However, I feel like the old frequency left and that reality disappeared. But now, will we be able to start another life, another job with the power of our soul without any interference? Thanks.