When I first started reading information about these entities, I was very skeptical. After all, why would the source create anything that would oppose our consciousness and ascension? But I had a very interesting experience last evening that I would like to share.

For several days, I had been growing a negative state: lots of judgement, feeling sorry for myself, etc. I knew this wasn't "me" but I was so thick in the fog that I couldn't tell what was "me" anymore. It came to a head last night when I told my guides and angels that they were useless and I was done with them (terrible, right???). But I had just had enough. I went to bed in a sorry state and had nightmare after nightmare. Then, I saw myself in my dream and a huge bolt of light or lightening hit me and made me jump in bed. Before I had a chance to recover, another one hit me. While this was happening, I could smell the faint smell of sulfur or sewage. And even though this was all happening in a split second, I was having lucid thoughts of "what is that smell? That smell shouldn't be here? What is going on? Am I imagining this?". Finally, there was one last bolt of light and I woke up. I was quite shaken and absolutely exhausted and SORE (especially down my spine). I was too tired to think straight and finally fell back to a normal sleep. When I woke up, it took about an hour for the bone numbing fatigue to end and the soreness to go away. I was quite disoriented and confused at what happened. It was if some epic battle had been launched in my body...so weird! Anyway, I finally got back to "me", got fully centered and at peace again. I think perhaps I was having an entity experience and my benevolent spirits were helping me clear it out. Any thoughts? Whew.