Hey Harmony - yes, sounds like some peak experience. It actually feels like the infusion of soul to me. Which when happens, is going to access all those layers within you that have been fighting the flow. So when you come home like this, it's going to feel very tiring. And yes, almost certainly Opposing Consciousness would have been mixed up in it maximising the negativity.

I should also say, the source doesn't purposefully create anything (like opposing consciousness). If it did, that would presuppose a 'something' - an identity - for the source, in order that it may have intention. If there was such a 'something', where did that something come from? (check out this article... http://www.openhandweb.org/Who_are_You_and_how_to_be_that).

I put it to you that the source - pure potential - spontaneously subdivided (at the big bang) into flows of consciousness. As the energy slowed, consciousness con-densed into form (form is really just energy - consciousness - at a low frequency). Which creates eddy currents of energy, which for some period, disconnect from the source (like an eddy current forming in a stream). The eddy currents draw in souls by the law of attraction. Such souls ('fallen angels' so to speak) may take on the form and get lost for some period of time until they resolve out the density and reconnect to the source. Such is 'Opposing Consciousness'.

Opposing Consciousness has been drawn to humanity because of his own repressed - subconscious - his own density. Like most, you too had this subconscious density (and certainly many more layers to work through). As the light flows in, it stirs up the density and releases the 'dross'. Hence the nightmares. But now the light is coming in, especially through the chakras, which is why you felt energy in the spine. It would have been an early stage, partial kundalini activation.

Finally, sometimes it is really good to let go of the sense of external guidance. Ultimately it must come from within. Especially since there's a lot of deceptive energies in the fourth density posing as benevolent. You may find this article beneficial...

Yes we can work with external sources of guidance. But a truly benevolent source will never tell you 'the truth', because that is disempowering. It will always invite you to figure out your own truth. Just as Openhand does that.

Wishing you well