Open - Thank you so very much for your insights. I knew nothing about kundalini activation before coming to the Openhand site and agree with you that yes, I must have had an early stage experience. I've experienced this twice before during meditation however I seem to be a witness instead of the participant. For example, during meditation I saw an image of myself in the mirror and my face began to crack off in pieces and this enormous light burst forth and then shot out the top of my head. This incredible light seemed to shoot up to the sky and all I heard in my chest was "I'm free! I'm free!". And while that was a wonderful experience, there was a distance to it...again, I seemed be watching it all as the observer. Perhaps one day I'll get the opportunity to feel it in my physical body.

And I had to chuckle at your thoughts around relying on external guidance. I've been feeling the need to let go of that for awhile but I was afraid that if I stopped listening, the guides/angels would leave and never return. Add to that the fact that ascension can feel very isolating, I had this fear of being totally alone. So, long story short, your small note about this topic gave me the reassurance, the personal "permission" so to speak, to take a break from external guidance. I must say, it feels good and instead of my guides leaving me, I feel that they are hugging me tighter than ever...just in silence. Thank you again for all your words. The Openhand team and this site has been a steady squeeze to shoulders for me.