Yes indeed, entities can and do inspire distorted - perverted - sexual impulses. The question is, how to deal with that?

As you correctly intuited, it doesn't help to deny the impulse, because that just builds inner frustration and tension.

    The key here is that entities are able to come into your field and stay there where they can distort or pervert an authentic expression. Basically, through unconsciousness, you release energy from which they 'feed'.

The antidote then is not to deny the sexual impulse, but rather to find the aligned expression of it. Somewhere in the expression - whatever that is - will be some form of self-judgment. You might experience shame for example. In the activation of shame, your awareness actually then becomes 'blind' to the inflow of consciousness - that's where the entities may come in and capitalise by further distorting the expression. They cause something which is then misaligned and can become an addiction.

So first don't deny the expression. But in the midst of it, look for any self-judgment. Explore why it would be there - at the highest level, everything has come from the infinite presence of the One. A sexual distortion in the microcosm of our lives, may have begun as a cosmic distortion in the creation of a galaxy for example. One is the minute - cellular - manifestation of the other. So it's important to realise it's not your fault that you're expressing it. Your soul chose to take on the distortion and animate it to bring light to it.

Once you've managed to let go of self-judgment in this exploration, it then becomes easier to explore what is the aligned possibility of the expression.

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