The energy for the Divinicus Tour is building absolutely inline with our imagination and feelings about it. Trinity is currently putting the finishing design touches to the book - it's been a 'full-on' editing process.

For me, the book feels like a portal into expanded consciousness and the history of the human journey itself; hence in the writing and editing, it's not just a case of developing text, one is developing energy, which makes it incredibly demanding. But very fulfilling too.

And we can feel the World Tour aligning with shifts currently taking shape in the field. The Tour is most definitely about us connecting with as many Openhanders out there as possible - forget not though, that our primary service to the divine, is in relation to the flow: we are energy workers. And in working with you, we build the energy of the shifts together: the microcosym each works with, is totally interlinked with macrocosym.

The Tour is booking up really well, which is greatly adding to the sense of anticipation. The Openhand energy has recently gone through yet another profound shift. So when people sit with us in meditation, the energy activates strongly, processing karma and expanding consciousness. It's a joy to behold. People's lives are being changed for the better.

Come join us on the wave - it's building well...

DIVINICUS World Tour Schedule

Blessings to all

Open :-)