I think in many ways that's right Dave.

For instance, Gaia is not weak at all. Yes she tolerates humanity - for the moment. She has drawn this unbalanced situation too - because of karma. But she's also evolving past it, so she no longer needs this out-dated 3D reality of 'have' and 'have-not'.

And yes, as beings we have infinite potential to express.

But we also subscribe at a higher level to a consensus reality, which also sets a limit on our expression for a given period of time whilst we're learning and integrating what we need to within that reality - you can't make a physical body fly for example, even though your soul can.

So for a period, we have to work and live with the reality we've created, doing the best we can, yet all the while, connecting with our greater expanded self. And when the physical falls away, so then will our soul soar into a new, more expanded reality.

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