This morning as I awoke to another grey day I wondered when I would get my next opportunity to gaze at The Sun. When I first started Sun-Gazing a few months ago I knew I was realigning to my authentic self. At first the pressure in my brain was difficult to bear but I since came to understand that there were implants (to use your belief structure) near my Ajna chakra and strangely in my jaw. I was reading a beautiful book on Soul-Centred healing at the time and it guided me to accept the entities and show them the wisdom of my Higher Self. In meditation these entitities took on a real physical presence, moving my head and (it felt like) demanding existence. I was not entirely sure what was happening, but my mood suddenly turned dark and brooding. I invited entities who were on the path of service to others to come help me. And as the days unfolded I was guided to this community. I included the removing entities meditation in my routine and when I gaze at the Celestial Deity we
call Sun I accept all entities seeking my life force by directing them to the Light.

The head pain has gone. Any glance at the Sun now connects directly with my heart and as if I needed any more proof that benevolence is helping me, the Sun shone through the grey for 5 minutes this morning, just long enough for me to feel His energy in my navel chakra. At night I sleep in a sheet which is sewn with silver and connected with our Mother Gaia through an Earthing point, in the day I connect with Our Father by watching his ascension. Even as I write I feel their truth in these words and know my path is being lit for me. Thank you for your part so far and for future parts in my authentic awakening.

(For more details on the sun gazing method search for the HRM effect online) Blessings of Love, Light and pure Source Energy.