That's amazing soulcraft - wonderful - thanks so much for sharing here *OK*

Yes such implants may be fixed in ones field in various ways - like to the jaw or ear for example. And we have to work energetically to remove them - using the natural intuition of the soul to guide us.

It sounds like you did this perfectly!

And dispatching entities into the light is a wonderful way of bringing them back to the angelic realms, back into the cycle of reincarnation.

Not all will go that way, but many will. Next time, if you feel a resistance from an entity in your field, especially denser frequencies in the solar plexus, gut and abdomen, then explore opening a connection into the galactic core - another centre that ones soul naturally attunes to (aswell as the solar logos). Resistant entities can be dispatched that way too.



PS: for anyone reading, here is Trinity's Releasing Entities Meditation