I felt to draw your attention Openhanders to this article above that I wrote some while back for a very important reason...
The Influence of the Solar Logos on our Ascension (scroll to the top)

It is not just the Earth that is shifting in composition and consciousness - the whole solar system is.

The earth is constantly being 'pulsed' by solar plasma, which is usually regulated by the earth's magentic field. But that's now dwindling due to the pole shift. It was to be expected that the solar plasma pulses would start to have a big impact on the eletrical systems on Earth and indeed that is starting to happen with electricity transfomers simply blowing up all around the world (although the mainstream is not yet joining the dots). Check these two videos from New York on December 28th and Sao Paulo on 5th Jan...

It's clear to me these incidents are caused by plasma pulses and we're going to see an increase in similar incidents.

We're right now in a solar minimum, an 11 year cycle of reducing solar activity, but nevertheless, there's a paradox that during this period, you can in fact get even greater pulses of plasma release. 

There are those who feel we're building to an 'event' of a major plasma pulse, which could sweep across the earth having a dramatic effect on society and the biosphere. I believe the probability of this is increasing all the time, with the conditions we're moving into. It's something I've also seen visions of as a part of the Earth Shift.

Who knows when that will happen. Until then, solar plasma pulses can have a beneficial impact on our personal consciousness shifts. They can resonate and bring alive previously dormant aspects of soul - like for example around the Third Eye. But at the same time, they're also going to activate density to work through - it's not just that we'll be 'bathed in light that raises our vibration' (as often commented on in New Age circles). We have to do the work that goes with the activation! If at times you feel such 'growing pains' be aware that it could be catalysed by solar plasma.

I will write more in due course about the impact of the Sun shifts within our Solar System, and how especially it will impact the Earth shift and human evolution, but for now I thought to leave you with one important synchronicity - many people are beginning to raise their voice against the roll out of 5G, which is causing exposure to radiation that is literally off the scale (1 quintillion above background radiation - that's 1 and 18 noughts!). How synchronistic that 5G is coming out during the shift to 5D and during a time where the Solar Logos is beginning to impact the electricity grid in general.

The Gods Speak!

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