I felt it's high time we started exploring deeper into the movements and transformations of the sun within the Openhand community. We have explored it before, as in this article above about the Solar Logos - the soul of the sun. However, what I'd like to draw attention to in particular right now is what happens during the solar minimum, which we're moving into. Firstly, it's likely to be having an impact on global weather, keeping temperatures lower than they otherwise would be (for a while!). It will also cause an increased irradiation of cosmic rays on the earth. But what often comes with the solar minimum, and what plenty of sentients can feel building, is the release of a 'micro nova' - a cosmic 'burp'. That's definitely something that we need to bring attention to, because I do believe it will most likely have a huge impact in The Shift.

So here's a short informative intro video exploring the Solar minimum, although it doesn't go into the micro nova aspect (probably intentionally due to the impact such will likely have). Do also check out the other short videos in commentary above, especially about the effect of solar plasma on the earth..