Hi All , 

Only a few days ago , i caught a FB page of someone reminding Us of the July double Sun Eclipses ( 2d and 17th July as i read ) ...had also forgot it was the eclipse season 😜 . As i am into the midst of a very intense rollercoaster on all levels ( personal , Family , relational & Professional + a relocation in its final procedure ) this 2d July Solar eclipse actually boosted me amazingly well - feeling very energized to my surprise & that extra boost was very welcome . I feel like i was invited to go beyond lower mind limitations & its been flowing very well despite so many chalenges .  Usually , it can activate a very different effect ( feeling low or drained or even a bit depressed or unmotivated ) . At the same time , i dont know why , my attention got caught by another interesting post 2,3 days ago  : Its the season of Crop Circles starting Ha haaaaaa 😎 . Photographers Steve & Karen Alexander took a wonderful Crop circle in Northern France on the 30th of June . They called it apparently " Temporary Temples " and it manifested in an area called " Twin Terrils " in the Nord Pas de Calais - near Calais . Here it is : file:///Users/MacAir/Desktop/Temporary%20Temples%20.jpg

Much love to everyone 💙

J . Bluehopi